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Hot Line Tools

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory is a distributor of fiberglass hotline tools including shotgun/clampsticks, telescoping sticks, disconnect sticks, rescue hooks, etc. We carry Salisbury, Hastings and Chance tool brands. Along with sales, our stick shop provides in-house testing and refurbishment services to repair and re-certify old sticks (see our testing services). 
Please see our main offerings, below, listed by category. For questions, price & availability, or needing to place an order please call us at 515-292-1422 or email us at

Telescopic Sticks

Telescoping hotsticks are designed for long reach, speed, convenience and safety. All sections are fabricated with reinforced electrical grade fiberglass, for greater strength and high dielectric properties.

Hastings has a few styles: ​

  1. Standard TEL-O-POLE with Tip Lock Feature

  2. Heavy Duty TEL-O-POLE

  3. V-Style TEL-O-POLE II

  4. V-Style TEL-O-POLE Bucket Sticks

  5. TEL-O-POLE Measuring Stick

  6. Combination V-Style TEL-O-POLE II & Measuring Stick

The "V"-style TELO-POLE II has triangle-shaped components. Triangle shape enables each section to “lock in automatically”, no need to search for the button. Sections can be removed or added to make the stick the preferred length. Example: HV-235 remove 4 sections to make it 20 ft instead of 35 ft. The ergonomic design gives the operator a better gripping surface for better control. 


Clampsticks, or shotgun sticks, are available in 1-piece, hinged/folding, telescoping, and with internal or external operating rods. We carry both the Hastings and Chance makes. Most options are available in a variety of lengths and can have either a standard base-end or a universal fitting for the option of using additional attachments. 

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