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To what address should I send equipment for test?

We only have one location (both billing and receiving), so send equipment to:

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory
Attn: Equipment for Testing
505 South Bell Ave
Ames, IA  50010

To whose attention should I send equipment for testing?

It is not necessary to address the equipment to the attention of a specific person at the lab.

What is the approximate turnaround time for testing?

Please allow at least 3-4 weeks turn-around time at the lab.  We test things on a first-in-first-out basis, so there will be some variance here. We try to service equipment in 12-15 business days from receipt to return-shipment.

Who may I contact at the lab?

  • For sales or questions regarding equipment sent for test, please feel free to speak with or email David Skarshaug (President), Matt Skarshaug (Vice President), or Noah Reyman (Production Manager).

  • For special test quotes, please contact Matt Skarshaug (

  • For billing questions, please contact Sandy Townsend (

  • For production questions (“When will my equipment be returned?”, “I need my equipment back by a certain date…”), please contact Noah Reyman (

  • For website concerns, please feel free to contact Matt Skarshaug (

Apart from the test price for equipment, what other costs are not included in the basic prices?

  • ID-labels — the one-time cost for placing labels on each glove so the gloves can be aligned with a test report ($4.00/pr of $2.00/ea)

  • Return Shipping — the customer will assume the cost of return shipment

  • Replacements — this is an optional service, where we can replace failed items IF the customer would like us to do so. The cost varies depending upon the product.  Call for specific pricing on your specific equipment.

Is a return goods authorization necessary?

No RGA is necessary, but the following information is very helpful:

  • Name and contact information of person sending equipment for test

  • Return shipping address of person sending equipment for test

  • Return billing address of person sending equipment for test

  • Packing List (so that upon unpacking, we can confirm that we received everything you intended to send to us)

  • Method of Payment: referencing either a PO or other method (we do take these credit cards: VISA/MC, AmEx, Discover)

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