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Line Hose & Covers

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Skarshaug Testing Laboratory is a distributor of all types of secondary protection (cover-up) equipment. Line hose ("guts") are made of SALCOR type II rubber with RIB-GRIP construction. Line hose is available in class 2 or class 3, 1-inch through 2.5-inch diameter, various lengths and options with or without a connecting coupler.
Please see our main offerings, below, listed by category. For questions, price & availability, or needing to place an order please call us at 515-292-1422 or email us at

Line Hose Sizing

Conventional style and Extended Lip SU style line hose is available in orange Type II SALCOR. SALCOR remains flexible in cold weather and it is not damaged by ozone or UV. Salisbury line hose uses the RIB-GRIP locking system. See the figures for the options in Conventional and Extended Lip line hose. 

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Conventional Style

Conventional style line hose are available in multiple lengths, diameters, straight and connector-end versions. The part number for line hose is the 3-digit diameter in inches, followed by the length in feet, then a "C" if it has a connector-end. For example, an SA-OR125-45C is a 1.25" diameter, 4.5-ft long, and with a connector-end.

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Line Hose Straight Style

Line Hose Connector End

Line Hose Connectors

Protectors & Covers

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Insulator Covers

Cutout Covers

Cover Accessories

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