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Hotline Tool Repair & Testing Services

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory provides certified, dielectric testing of all hot line tools. Our stick shop provides in-service inspection, maintenance, and electrical testing of hand-held live-line insulating tools. Types of insulating tools include (but not limited to): telescoping sticks, disconnect sticks, measuring sticks, body rescue hook sticks, universal poles, shotgun/clampsticks, insulated cutters (bolt, cable, wire), tree trimmers, fiberglass platforms, and extension arms. Our testing procedures exceed ASTM F3121 and IEEE 978.

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Once a hot line tool is received at our facility, it is first inspected for any damages, cleared of any loose material of the stick, and checked for proper operation. The tool is then electrically tested “As Found”; this is also called a “Pre-Test”. If the tool passes, it moves on to cleaning and preparation for a final test. If the tool fails to meet the ASTM requirements for the pre-test, a quote is sent to the customer for repairs required to pass the dielectric test. Repairs of hot line tools includes parts and labor for sanding, painting, and clear-coating. We seek to return tools that are well-refurbished and restored to a “like-new” quality for an economical price. Upon completion of cleaning and repair services, we dielectrically test each tool and provide recertification.

Type of Items We Repair

Hot Line Tool Repairs Include:

  • Grip-All Clamp Sticks (Shotguns): testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Quick changes: testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Universal Poles: testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Telescoping Hot-Sticks: testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Clamp Sticks (all styles): testing, repair, and reconditioning

Hot Arms

  • Extension Arms: testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Jibs: testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Pole Gins: testing, repair, and reconditioning


  • Chain Hoists: testing, repair, and reconditioning

  • Strap Hoists: testing, repair, and reconditioning

Have questions? Please contact our Operations Manager, Noah Reyman.


ASTM Standards Referenced

  • ASTM F3121 (Section 6.3) In-Service Inspection, Maintenance, Testing of Live-Line Insulating Tools

  • IEEE 978-1984 Guide for in-service Maintenance, Testing of Live-Line Tools

  • OSHA 1910.269(j) Live-Line Tools

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