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Rubber Sleeves

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory is a distributor of rubber sleeves manufactured by Salisbury by Honeywell and Novax as well as Chance-Hubbell rubber gloves. Salisbury sleeves come in two version: dipped and molded. Dipped sleeves are made using the same process as rubber gloves. Molded sleeves are a more economical option but more rigid and the mold has less of a curve at the bend of the elbow.
Please see our main offerings, below, listed by category. For questions, price & availability, or needing to place an order please call us at 515-292-1422 or email us at

Rubber Sleeve Sizing

Rubber sleeves are available in small, regular, large, and extra-large. Sizing is fairly standard. For sizing and measurement information, see the Salisbury charts and figures for detailed information.

Dipped Sleeves

DIPPED SLEEVES are manufactured in the same way as Salisbury rubber insulating gloves. Porcelain forms are dipped into liquefied rubber, dried, trimmed, marked and cured. Dipped sleeves are available in the same colors as dipped gloves, including two color combinations. Sleeves also have an extra-curve (EC) bend at the elbow for a more natural fit.


Rubber Sleeves Dipped

Molded Sleeves

MOLDED SLEEVES are manufactured by either injection or compression molding methods. The advantage these methods offer is the ability to produce sleeves through a faster, more economical method. Molded sleeves have less of a curve but still a slight bend at the elbow. The molded style is more rigid to work in but a solid, less expensive option for secondary protection.


Rubber Sleeves Molded

Bags & Accessories

Proper storage extends the service life of rubber sleeves. Folds and creases strain rubber and cause it to crack from ozone prematurely. Storing rubber sleeves in the right size bag, and never forcing more than one pair into each bag, equipment will lie flat and extend the life of the product. Sleeve bags feature a D ring for hanging in trucks or on work belts and an inner velcro-loop to attach the sleeve straps or harness. Combo bags include a storage compartment for a pair of gloves for an all-in-one storage solution.

Sleeve straps are required to wear sleeves properly and available in: straps (pair), harness, or FR rated straps. Buttons for either the straps or harnesses are available in 1-pc (push-through) buttons or 2-pc threaded buttons.


Sleeve Bags

Sleeves Accessories

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