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Testing Services

The safety requirements for electrical protective equipment are described in OSHA1910.137. The test intervals of each type of equipment are outlined in Table I-5 of this OSHA article. Here is an overview of these requirements, by equipment type.

Our testing services cover a number of different types of electrical protective equipment. To find more information about testing each type of equipment, select one of the categories below: gloves & sleeves, coverup equiment (blankets, line hose, hoods, etc.), hotline tools (fiberglass sticks), and bypass jumpers & grounding cables.


How to send/drop-off equiment

Send or drop-off equipment for testing to our building, located at:

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory
Attn: Equipment for Testing
505 South Bell Ave
Ames, IA 50010

Please also include the following information with your equipment:

  • Return information: 

    • Shipping Address

    • Ship-Back Method — Pick-up, Ship Third-Party 

  • Billing information: 

    • Name & Address

    • Payment method 

  • Purchase Order # (if applicable, we can include with paperwork and billing)

  • Any special instructions

  • See a sample, template form in the link below that you may use.

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