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Dielectric Footwear

Salisbury ASTM dielectric footwear provides an extra measure of safety. These boots are 100% waterproof and made from premium grade ozone resistant natural rubber. The overshoes are available without buckles or with two buckles. The overboots have an adjustable side strap and available in 14" or 17" height.
Please see our main offerings, below, listed by category. For questions, price & availability, or needing to place an order please call us at 515-292-1422 or email us at

Dielectric Boots & Overshoes

Salisbury dielectric boots and overshoes are designed to ASTM F1117. The sole-to-ankle is tested for 20 kV-AC. Boots are available in both 14-in and 17-in height and the overshoes are available with & without buckles. In general, we recommend going up one size if wearing a work boot.

Storm Boots & Overshoes

Salisbury storm boots meet the EH (Electrical Hazard) requirements of ASTM F2413. The sole of the shoe or boot is tested for 20 kV-AC. 

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