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SKARSHAUG Glove Inflator, LV Pedestal-Mount

Skarshaug Glove Pedestal Inflator Low-Volt Gloves | G-1-LV

SKU: 112947
  • Manufactured in-house, the Skarshaug glove inflator is the best method for rubber glove inspection. The device uses compressed air and a 3-way valve to clamp, inflate, and release the glove. The cuff of the glove is sealed to the device using a PVC outer ring and an expanding rubber bladder on the inside. The use of non-metal materials for the seal of the glove ensures the gloves are not damaged during inflation. Glove inflators are produced in two sizes: a high-voltage option used for Class 1 through Class 4 gloves and a low-voltage option used for most Class 00 and Class 0 gloves. Inflators are available with a pedestal-mount or workbench-mount.

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