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Grounding Equipment

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Temporary grounding equipment are used to protect personnel working on de-energized circuits. Induced voltage from adjacent energized lines, human error, faulty switching-equipment, backfeed from solar pannels or generator, and other scenarios are potential dangers to working personnel. Utilizing temporary grounding equipment are a measure of safety to protect the worker in these situations. 

Please see our main offerings, below, listed by category. For questions, price & availability, or needing to place an order please call us at 515-292-1422 or email us at

How to order a Grounding Set

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory can build custom grounding sets for your application. Send us an email at and we can send price and availability. 

  1. Three-phase or Single-phase

  2. Clamps, considerations include:​

    1. Functional Fit: Size of the clamp and the style -- C-clamp, duckbill, flat, etc.​

    2. Capacity: ASTM designations for Type, Class and Grade

    3. Connection: Pressure-type or threaded-type ferrule connection

    4. On-site handling: Application clearances and fit affect clamp and cable dimensions.

  3. Ferrules -- Copper, tin-plated copper or aluminum, Plain or threaded

  4. Cable -- Length required to reach application distances.​

  5. Support Stud

    1. This option recommended on only one clamp to help control lifting the set to the first clamp attachment point

    2. Support studs are not designed to handle fault current unless otherwise noted.

  6. Shrink Tubing -- Recommended for stress relief for the cable-ferrule connection and keep the connection clean.

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