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SALISBURY Ferrule Unshrd Cu 2/0

Salisbury Ferrule Unshrd 2/0 | 2024

SKU: 116824
  • FERRULES are manufactured in two different styles: unshrouded and shrouded. Shrouded ferrules are compressed on both the conductor and the insulating jacket of the high voltage EPR cable to reduce bending stress. Shrouded ferrules are designed to be used on glove-installed high voltage jumpers. Unshrouded ferrules are crimped to the conductor strands only and can be used on either stick- or glove-installed jumpers. Ferrules are manufactured of 99.5% pure copper with industry standard 5/8”-11 NC threads. Ferrules are topped with a brass hex jam nut and toothed stainless steel lockwasher.

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