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SALISBURY Cvr Spade C2t2 Org W/Lip

Salisbury Spade Cover 3 x 6 x 10 w/ 1.25-in Lip Ext | SC6

SKU: 149062
  • SPADE COVERS are easily installed to provide temporary insulation when working in padmount transformers and other electrical apparatus. If spade covers are securely held in place, they may be left on spades or connectors indefinitely for front end protection. The larger SC5, SC6, or SC6G are also used to cover primary elbows as well as the larger and longer multiple lead primary and secondary fittings and lugs used in underground enclosures and vaults. Molded from flexible SALCOR®, they have excellent aging and weathering characteristics. The opening at the top end of the slot holds the cover onto the terminal. Wide lips extending along the slot provide additional protection over the connection.

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