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SALISBURY Canister For Blkt 1-4 W Handle

Salisbury Blanket Storage Canister 7x37 w/ Handle | P4H

SKU: 149060
  • BLANKET CANISTERS are molded in bright orange, hi-impact, polyethylene to protect insulating blankets when not is use. A tightfitting cap is secured to the canister with polyproplene rope.

    Salisbury’s P4H BLANKET CANISTER Revolutionizes the way you’ll store your blankets. The P4H canister has a sturdier construction than the regular P4, with integrated feet to keep the canister from rolling while being transported by truck or stored at the workplace. The ergonomic handle runs the entire length of the canister, making lifting and carrying up to four 36” x 36” blankets much easier. Slots are provided within the canister to allow it to be secured in buckets or on trucks.

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