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HASTINGS Qty 1 Medium Range Jumper Head

Hastings Insul Jumper Clamp Med Range Yellow 556-5 MCM | 13004

SKU: 108568
  •  MECHANICAL JUMPER CLAMPS -- Two sizes available - 6 solid through 556.5 MCM and 6 solid through 954 ACSR. Made of hard plastic and available in yellow or clear. Thrust bearing design provides low friction for tightening clamp. Bronze clamping rings have serrated contact surface to insure good electrical contact with conductors. Grip tabs are molded in for easy gripping with rubber gloves. Conductor clamp is machined from brass alloy. Rated for 400 amps continuous current maximum rating - this rating is dependent on the rating of the jumper cable used with the clamps. If 35kV cable is required, the large range clamps must be used.

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