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SALISBURY Stinger Cover .375x600

Salisbury EPDM Stinger Cover 0.375-in x 50-ft (1-pcs.) | 38-50SC

SKU: 164402
  • EPDM Silicone Stinger Covers are suitable for applications up to 15kV Phase to Ground. The stinger covers are made with EPDM rubber, which is UV and ozone resistant and is applied over the conductor. They are designed to resist the test of time, sun and weather to keep the assets protected. The stinger cover can be installed without disconnecting the lead wire from the bushing. Stinger covers are available in three diameters and are easily cut down to the length needed in the field. Stinger covers are track resistant and made from OZONE AND UV RESISTANT SALCOR® ELASTOMER IN A GREY COLOR. The covers are proven to provide years of reliable service either independently or when used with bushing covers.

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