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About Us

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory, Inc, is a family-owned and operated business with seventy years of history. Our objective is to provide top quality service and sales of lineworkers’ equipment and associated testing equipment to our customers. Our primary customers are Rural Electric Cooperatives (REC’s), Municipal and Private Utilities, Contractors, Telephone Companies, and other major users of lineworkers’ equipment.

Centrally located in Ames, Iowa, Skarshaug Testing Laboratory remains a hi-voltage testing hub, serving customers in all 50 states and abroad. The current facility was completed in February of 2005 at 505 South Bell on the east-side of Ames, Iowa. The current facility more than doubled the square footage of the older facility with 23,000 square feet under roof on the 2-acre plot of land.

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory was established in 1950 by Paul Skarshaug, a pioneer in electrical safety. To this day, STL remains family owned and operated for 70 years. Skarshaug Testing Laboratory became the first NAIL accredited laboratory in 1982. “NAIL for PET” is the Association of North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing. Skarshaug Testing Laboratory is NAIL accredited to test all of the major categories of insulated equipment used by electrical line workers today, including:

  • Rubber Insulating Gloves & Sleeves

  • Hot Sticks & Line Tools

  • Jumper Cables

  • Cover Up: Blankets, Switchboard Matting, Line Hose, Plastic Guards, Covers

  • Dielectric Footwear (Overshoe Footwear)

  • Aerial Devices & Bucket Liners

  • Grounding Equipment

Along with testing services, we have a very full inventory to provide replacements for failed equipment or new purchases of lineworkers’ safety equipment. We are a distributer of industry-leading manufacturers of lineworkers’ equipment.

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