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Skarshaug Testing Laboratory (STL) has been in business 65 years, and employs well-trained, experienced test technicians. STL uses state-of-the-art test equipment from suppliers such as Hanco International and Phenix Technologies along with Skarshaug glove inflators and sleeve expanders for visual inspection.

All items returned to customers are cleaned, visually inspected, and electrically tested. Items failing test and inspection (rejects) are clearly marked and returned to customer, unless local disposal is authorized.

Every item is individually tracked at the laboratory. Gloves and sleeves are individually ID-labeled. Other tested items are given individual test numbers. Individual tracking allows us to:

  • Identify ownership of items tested,
  • Provide detailed itemized test reports,
  • Maintain reliable test records.

All items are identified with the test date, the test voltage, and the name of our laboratory.

Replacement service on rejected items–even odd-hand gloves and sleeves–is available if authorized by the customer. Skarshaug Testing Laboratory stocks a very full inventory of most of the common items used, and can special order nearly any items currently manufactured by the leading names in the industry.

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory has it’s own hot-stick & hoist repair and test shop to perform in-house repair, refinishing, and certification of hot-sticks and hoists from most of the leading manufacturers, including A.B. Chance, Hastings, Hook, Little Mule, and Salisbury.  Assembly, testing, and repair of protective and insulated jumpers and personal protective grounds is also available.

Have questions or specific testing needs? Call us and ask for Matt Skarshaug (email:

Link: Template Packing List / Drop-off Form (not req’d)

Link: 2020 Price List for Testing Services

The safety requirements for electrical protective equipment are described in OSHA1910.137. The test intervals of each type of equipment are outlined in Table I-5 of this OSHA article. Here is an overview of these requirements, by equipment type.

“Before first issue and every 6 months thereafter; (Note 1) upon indication that insulating value is suspect; after repair; and after use without protectors.”

The user has 12 months from the test date to put new gloves into service. New (gloves that have never been issued for use) may be retested and the user has 12 months from that date to put them into service. When should rubber insulating gloves be retested? There are two standards that prescribe test intervals:

  • OSHA 1910.137 – Must be electrically tested before first issue and every six months thereafter.
  • OSHA 1910.268 (Tele-com) – Natural rubber insulating gloves must be electrically tested before first issue, twelve months after first issue and every 9 months thereafter.

Any un-issued glove that has not been tested within twelve months must be re-tested before issue. For example, when Skarshaug Testing Laboratory sends a pair of new gloves to a customer, we conduct a proof-test for 3 min according to ASTM D120 for first issue. The user has 12 months to put them into service. After first-issue, the user needs to have them retested every six months thereafter.

“Before first issue and every 12 months thereafter; (Note 1) upon indication that insulating value is suspect; and after repair.”

“Before first issue and every 12 months thereafter; (Note 1) upon indication that insulating value is suspect; and after repair.”

“Upon indication that insulating value is suspect and after repair”

If any defect or contamination that could adversely affect the insulating qualities or mechanical integrity of the live-line tool is present after wiping, the tool shall be removed from service and examined and tested before being returned to service.

** “Note 1: If the insulating equipment has been electrically tested but not issued for service, the insulating equipment may not be placed into service unless it has been electrically tested within the previous 12 months.”

Send or drop-off equipment for testing to our building, located at:

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory
Attn: Equipment for Testing
505 South Bell
Ames, IA 50014

Please also include the following information with your equipment:

  • Return information:
    • Shipping Address
    • Ship-Back Method — Pick-up, Ship Third-Party
  • Billing information:
    • Name & Address
    • Payment method
  • Purchase Order # (if applicable, we can include with paperwork and billing)
  • Any special instructions
  • LinkTemplate Packing List / Drop-off Form (not required)

The following is some basic information that might answer some initial questions you have.

We only have one location (both billing and receiving), so send equipment to:

Skarshaug Testing Laboratory
Attn: Equipment for Testing
505 South Bell Avenue
Ames, IA  50010

It is not necessary to address the equipment to the attention of a specific person at the lab.

No RGA is necessary, but the following information is very helpful:

  • Name and contact information of person sending equipment for test
  • Return shipping address of person sending equipment for test
  • Return billing address of person sending equipment for test
  • Packing List (so that upon unpacking, we can confirm that we received everything you intended to send to us) **Template Packing List / Drop-off Form (not required)
  • Method of Payment: referencing either a PO or other method (we do take these credit cards: VISA/MC, AmEx, Discover)

Please allow at least 3 weeks turn-around time at the lab.  We test things on a first-in-first-out basis, so there will be some variance here.

  • ID-labels — the one-time cost for placing labels on each glove so the gloves can be aligned with a test report ($2.00/pr of $1.00/ea)
  • Return Shipping — the customer will assume the cost of return shipment
  • Replacements — this is an optional service, where we can replace failed items IF the customer would like us to do so. The cost varies depending upon the product.  Call for specific pricing on your specific equipment.
  • STL has been a testing laboratory of lineworkers' safety equipment since 1950.
  • Skarshaug Testing Laboratory is accredited by the Association of North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing (NAIL for PET).
  • The First NAIL Accredited Lab (1982)
  • STL is NAIL accredited to test all of the major categories of insulated equipment used by electrical line workers today, including: Gloves, Sleeves, Blankets, Line Hose, Covers, Matting, Hot Sticks & Line Tools, Plastic Guards, Aerial Devices, Bucket Liners, Overshoe Footwear, and Jumper Cables.